The delicious daikon

daikon raddish

Have you ever tasted or cooked with daikon radish before? If you haven’t, please allow me to introduce you to this white rootvegetable with incredible taste and health benefits! Daikon is a japanese radish and looks like a large, white carrot. It’s slightly pungent and bitter – but much miler than regular red radishes. In Chinese medicine daikon is believed to be very beneficial to anyone with excess dampness in their body – which in western medicine can translate to yeast, candida as well as excess mucus (hello winter noses!) It pairs really well with heavier foods such as meat because it helps boost our digestive fire! It’s good raw in salads and slaws, perfect for pickling and kim chi,  and a delicious addition to soups and stews.
I like it sautéed with my greens, or as a side dish on it’s own!

Daikon radish recipe


Braised Daikon Chips:

Serves 2 as a side dish
Vegan, gluten-free

1 large daikon radish, cut into 1inch disks
1 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil
2 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp coconut amions
sea salt

  • Add the oil to a medium-hot pan. Add your sliced daikon and season with a lightsprinklt of sea salt. Let it brown on one side, for about 5 minutes before you turn around and do the other side.
  • One browned on both sides, pour in miring and coconut amines. Allow it to simmer for a minute before adding 1/2 cup of water.
  • Let it simmer down until all the water is done. Do a taste test, season with salt if needed.
  • Serve!

Fun variations:
Finely grated fresh ginger
Chopped cilantro
A sprinkle of chilly flakes

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