I’m in Vogue

I am fortunate enough to be featured in French Vogue’s summer issue. I was asked to share some great healthy snacks for on the go that you can quickly prepare in the morning, trow in your bag and be ready for the day.

Smart Snacking

“In a zip-loc bag or jar, add a combination of sliced raw vegetables (celery, cucumber, carrots, cauliflower, jicama) with a small container of guacamole or hummus. In another container, pack some sliced fresh fruit (green apple, pear) and drizzle with cinnamon. Pack some seeds (sunflower, pumpkin – preferably sprouted) and almonds that have been soaked in pure water over night to improve their digestibility. And, don’t forget a decadent piece of dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cacao.”

Thanks Vogue!

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