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How to make a healthy habit

Make buying greens part of your shopping routine – every time! 

Living a healthier lifestyle can sometimes feel overwhelming, confusing, and all-consuming. The idea of giving up our favorite foods or force-feeding ourselves foods we don’t like for the sake of health is simply not a good motivator!
When it comes to implementing change, attitude makes all the difference. With a step-by-step approach, a healthy lifestyle is something we can build up over time. Little by little we’ll crowd out the bad […]

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10 Natural Ways to Get Beautiful Right Now

Looking your best doesn’t have to be expensive or unnatural. Here are 10 easy ways to get beautiful, naturally, right now:
1. Dry-skin brush

Use a bristled brush and stroke your skin while still dry a few mornings a week before you shower. This simple morning routine increases circulation of lymph and blood and removes dead skin cells! You’ll get glowing, smooth and touch-worthy skin, guaranteed.

2. Sauna

Sweating is good for us and a dry sauna helps the body excrete toxins. The 

How to Cut Down on Drinking During the Holiday Season (And a Plan B for the Morning After)

The holiday season is fast approaching with all the fun F’s: food, friends, family, feasts, festivities and free-floating fluids!

However, it is easy to overdo it, especially when it comes to the food and alcoholic.

Here are my favorite tips for drinking less!

Get a fancy drink

You don’t have to sip tap water just because you opt out of alcoholic drinks. Try some of the staples like seltzer with lime or a dash of cranberry. Or go crazy […]

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DIY Tooth Soap

Have you ever turned your toothpaste tube around and studied the ingredient list?

Here’s a few of the common ingredients:

Triclosan – a powerful anti-bacterial agent linked to development of super resistent bacterias and believed to impact thyroid function (NYTimes.)

Artificial Dyes – linked to behavioral and learning issues and even hyperactivity in children (source.)

Sodium Laureate Sulfate- this is the stuff that creates foam, in both your toothpaste and your shampoo. It’s linked to canker sores and increased sensitivity in […]

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Top tips for living a fun Gluten Free life

I recently thought a free online class over on as part of their Make Life Delicious Symposium about Living Gluten Free.

A bunch of eager learners tuned in and we got a lot of great questions answered. We also shared some of our own experiences with going gluten free as well as some fun, new food ideas! Who knew kelp noodles and mochi could be so much fun

To watch the recording of a class visit 

Fall Equinox

Happy Fall Equinox!

This weekend marked the first official day of fall.  I love fall (but hey, I love all the seasons really) – especially the fall farmers markets full of roots, greens and apples.
Do you visit your local farmers market this time of year? Tell me what your favorite foods are. In the meantime, here are some of my recent shopping and cooking spree’s.

Fall farmers market abundance…

Fairytales aka mini-eggplants. Too cute!

What I brought home. Remember to NOT store your tomatoes in the […]

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